Sunday, March 16, 2014


There are two kinds of snowflakes in my world... The awesome khalua cookies and cream shake... And real snow. One is really really good.... And the other isn't so awesome.

Today I've had one awesome Snowflake. And in the forecast? 4-6 inches of the bad snowflakes. Too bad that it won't taste like Oreos and Khalua.

Happy Sunday night!


  1. I am about done with the winter weather girl! I know you got to be too

  2. Snow forecasted here too :( Say it aint so!

  3. Opposite here - but my dog is getting very scared. For the four months or so it gets very hot, he can't ride with me everywhere. He is black and has long hair (like a wolf) so it is dangerous to leave him in the van. He feels horribly neglected and like I hate him. The hot months are the Season of Sorrow for him. :-) He would LOVE ME TO MOVE TO A COLD CLIMATE! Alaska maybe!! :-D (We had almost 80 degrees this last weekend!)