Thursday, January 24, 2013

Challenges this week

We have been under a MASSIVE FRIGID front this week, which makes walking outside (my normal form of exercise) near impossible.  Seriously--we haven't gotten out of the teens during the day yet. (and this morning we woke up to snow!) 

This means I haven't been able to walk (well, combined with work obligations, a seminar, a going away luncheon for a VP, etc).  Alot of factors are working against me this week.

Last night, I ate alot.  I don't know why, except I can only chalk it up to hormones. I wasn't even hungry--maybe bored--but not hungry.  I think I did okay during the day--not great, because I went out and had a chili dog and a bowl of bean soup for lunch--but when I got home, it seemed like all bets were off. 

 I got tummy rumbly in the afternoon, and it cleaned out EVERYTHING.  The worst part was it was my own stupid fault, too--I was really craving salt, and I found a bag of Kettle chips in my desk--and I ate them. And as I learned from the french fry debacle on November--fried foods do not like me anymore.

And for the rest of the day (after everything was expunged from my body), I just felt ravenous. When I when I got home, I had two ham/swiss rollups--not too bad--but then I made Barilla stars pasta in chicken broth with Tyson grilled chicken to try to settle my tummy down and to fill it up some. Then later in the evening, I had two more ham/swiss roll ups, along with a Fiber 1 protien bar, and 1/2 cup of Low Fat cottage cheese drizzled with honey, and a cup of Trader Joes peppermint tea.

Now that I write all this out, I realize that I'm freaking out for probably nothing.  Yes, I went over on my calories, I know that.  Yes, I ate alot of stuff I didn't really need to--mainly the chips that caused this whole stinking thing--along with starting a new medication during a work day.  And yes, I will most likely pay for it at weigh in since I haven't been able to do any exercise.

Today is a new day.  I have a work lunch at Bertucci's, and I've already perused the menu this morning so that I know what I can have for calories.  The boyfriend and I are heading to a hockey game tonight, and will most likely eat out near the arena--and I'm perusing my menu options for this evening so that I can be on plan.  We are already going to another hockey game tomorrow (college) and will be hitting Fridays for dinner afterwards--and I have already researched my dinner options there, as well. I have downloaded so many menu nutrition documents on my computer, it's crazy!

Anyways, hoping that I'm able to at least maintain on Tuesday. I had high goals to continue on my 2lbs per week average--but this week is having a wrench thrown in it.

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