Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The verdict is in

And somehow, by the grace of God....I lost another two pounds! So, pre-surgery weight loss is currently sitting at 25lbs--with another five weeks left in class--and probably another 4 weeks after that until I actually get my Lap Band. That's alot of time to continue fighting the good fight and to continue losing weight before my little helper comes into play!

If I can continue my average of 2lbs per week for the next five weeks--I can be down 35 total by the end of class--not counting what I may lose while on the presurgery two week liquid diet required by my physician.

I don't know how I lost weight, considering all the circumstances stacked against me going into last night.  I just know that I'm encouraged to keep working hard at my pre-surgery goal of 40 lbs.  I'm chipping away at it.  And I will get there. 

So, I've been reading alot about how alot of Bandsters name their Lap Bands.  Since this is something that lives inside you, it should be treated as a separate entity. I've been kicking around the idea of some names for mine, once I have it.  On the Lap Band support group page, someone had posted the idea of a Band naming system that goes along the same idea of the 'porn star' name.  Their idea? Your favorite pre-Band food and the name of your first car.

I'm still kicking around what is my favorite pre-Band food.  And the whole first car thing is also tough.  I'll have to think about this one and get back to you on it.

Did any of you guys name your Lap Band so that you can talk about it by name?

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