Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Close call averted!

When I stepped on the scale last night at class, I had horrible visions of a gain of such drastic proportions that there would be no recovery. I was ready to cry.

I was wrong. I stepped on the scale and weighed EXACTLY the same as last week. No gain, no loss. 

The relief was overwhelming--and if I had stepped back ON the scale immediately after, I'm sure it would have weighed less with the loss weight of the world from my shoulders! 

It was great to meet up with my BBF's before class last night to catch-up! It gives us time to bitch about our day, talk about our struggles (not that we don't text each other every day, anyways), give each other ideas about things that are to come (ie: learn to like cottage cheese if you don't already--it will be a valuable source of dairy and protien after surgery), and just everyday life stuff.

BTW: this is my new favorite mid-day snack! 12 dry roasted almonds and two Hershey Kisses.  It's like eating a super loaded Hershey with almond candy bar--and only 127 calories! Plus alot of super heart healthy benefits from the almonds.  SCORE!

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  1. Just saw your post on Lap Band Gal's site and wanted to say hi and congratulations!! 23 pounds down is awesome!!