Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That PMS....she sure is a b!tch...

My aunt flow is coming to visit next week, and today, I have been a ravenous emotional mess.

I know that I get weighed in class tonight, but it didn't stop me from eating soup (and bread!) at Panera for lunch--and then three hours later, eating the sandwich that I had orignally packed for my lunch. Along with two little cookies, some pretzel sticks, and a diet dr. pepper. Sigh.

I just feel bloated and blah today...and the crazy gray rainy weather is NOT helping things at all. I couldn't walk at lunch today, and even though I made smart choices when I go out--I still feel that I've probably gained about five pounds just from today. I'm dreading getting on the scale tonight. I've been having consistant loses since November--and if I get on and show a gain, I might cry.

I have nooone to blame but myself--but today has just sucked.

Fingers crossed I can pee out five pounds before 6pm!

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