Friday, January 18, 2013


This morning, I had a great idea for a post knocking around in my head.  Seven hours, and the start of a migraine later--I've lost it. I'm sorry.

And it was guaranteed to be funny. And awesome. And to bring you enlightenment and joy to get through the weekend.  Instead, you get this. Promises of awesome posts that fail to materialize.

I am happy that I have gotten my two very first commenter's! #soexcited to be validated! Thank you, Ladies, for your kind words!

This week has been a struggle for me. The weather did not help, but with the sun coming back out today, and with temperatures expected to be in the 50's tomorrow--I'm excited to get my walk on this weekend--and maybe lose some weight by my next weigh in Tuesday. My super supportive boyfriend will accompany me, and keep me motivated.

I went out for lunch today with two of my coworkers--and even though I chose what I felt was the healthy options--soup and salad--the salad dressing KILLED me calorie wise for the day. I did my research online before we went, so I knew what to expect for calories when I got there--but luckily I only used half the dressing. I'm not going to let it get me down, though.  Tomorrow is a new day--but getting on the scale on Tuesday and seeing two more pounds gone to bring me to 25 down is a HUGE motivator for me to up my exercise and stay on plan. 

This weekend, besides doing my bi-weekly grocery store and Sam's club excursion, I will be me making a big pot of my super healthy high protien awesome turkey chili.  I didn't get to make it last weekend, and I felt kind of out of sorts all week.  It's like my secret weapon to weight loss.  I make a huge pot, and then on weekends, when I get hungry, I eat that instead of bad choices.  Combined with brown rice, it's essentially the perfect meal, packing in kale, onions, peppers, corn, peas, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, ground turkey, alot of McCormick Cajun Seasoning and Chili Powder, aong with Pinto, Kidney, and Cannellini beans, and sometimes I add quinoa if it needs to thicken up. It usually takes me into Monday/Tuesday night dinners, and then I make another pot the following Saturday. I'm hoping that this will continue to be a mainstay of my diet post surgery, once I can eat real food again.

What's your secret to getting through a weekend without overindulging? Since weekends are not structured, I find myself with idle hands--and idle hands equal hands that can be shoving food into my mouth.  So I try to find projects to stay busy--make jewelry, knit scarves, read hardback books that require two hands to hold, etc.

Have a great weekend!  

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