Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Countdown to the scale

It's Tuesday--the day that I've been working for all week.

But it's not a good Tuesday.

I had a professional seminar to go to this morning, which means that I had to dress up.  Dressing up = heavy black pants instead of my light weight weigh in pants. It also means a heavier sweater instead of my super light weight knit that I tend to wear on Tuesday. 

I know, I know--the people in my class probably think that I only own one outfit, since I wear it every week. But I go for consistency with my weigh in, and after the sweater debacle a few weeks ago, I KNOW that what you wear on the scale makes a difference!

The seminar ran long, and even though I was a saint and avoided the bagels and pastry offered, I ended up stopping at my favorite Greek restaurant and grabbing a small Greek salad and chicken gryro for lunch. Not an unhealthy lunch by any means--but a HEAVY lunch.

I'm also approximately 24 hours from the arrival of my aunt flow (and believe me, I am riding the hormone swings  like a roller coaster-much to the dismay of my awesome and ever loving boyfriend who has caught the brunt of my bitchiness the past few days). Therefore, I am bloated.

Now I'm three hours from weigh in, having been awesome all week with my calories and my exercise, brought down my heavy clothes and a heavy lunch and hormones.

I just drank a huge cup of hot tea and two bottles of water to try to pee out some of the water weight from the day.

I know that if I weigh heavy tonight that it's the factors of the day that have caused it--and not me. I have been good. I walked TWICE yesterday! I walked on Saturday--all around Sams, Target, and the grocery store, and then again when I got home! I walked Friday night, and during lunch on Thursday. I've been GOOD!

I just know that no matter what the scale shows, if it's more than it was last week, I'm going to be disappointed. Despite the heavy lunch, the hormones, and the different clothes.

I'll let you know tomorrow. Right now, I really need to go pee.

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