Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 8, and a weigh in

Today starts week two of my self imposed pre-op diet (this is when I was supossed to actually start).  I had to run to the surgeons office today to pick up some more Unjury powders and some calcium citrate for post surgery, and I decided to hop on the scale while I was there.

According to the scale, I weight 377.0.  That is a 12 pound loss since starting the pre-op diet (I gained a little in the two weeks between the end of my class and starting the diet)! And I've been adding chicken and cheese to my daily food allotment--so even with this little bit of cheating (okay, AND the pound of turkey burger I ate on Saturday), I still lost weight. I am VERY proud of myself!

This is motivating me to buckle down and do my best to stick wtih the plan for the remainder of the week. 

So far today, 6:30am vanilla shake with Irish Creme SF Torani, 8:15 1 pack cream of wheat, 10am string cheese, and now at 12:30 I'm having my protien chicken yogurt dip with veggies. Hoping to stay on plan the rest of the day. I've also been drinking as much water as possible. I read that when in ketosis, it's important to drink tons of water to flush the toxins from your system--so I'm probably getting 120-160oz of water a day!

If you are pre-op and you are offered a choice of plans, I highly recommend the Unjury pre-op diet plan. Not only do their shakes taste AMAZING, but you get to add some variety in with some soft foods. And I'm proof that you still lose weight!

I'm hoping to lose another 5-10 before end of week two. Wouldn't it be awesome to go into surgery on Monday weighing 20lbs less! That would put me closer to my post-surgery goal weight!

Happy Monday!


  1. Nice job on the 12 lb loss!! Your day is almost'll be having your surgery the same day I go back to work. I'm getting ready to start my surgery post, and I'll make sure to publish either tonight or tomorrow. Keep on rockin the pre-op diet!!!

  2. Hi Luka Beth! Have you thought of editing your blog and adding a "google followers" gadget, so more of us can easily follow you?

    I'm having my surgery in 3 weeks, so were are starting this adventure about the same time! :-) Unjury is the only protein powder I use, too. :-)

  3. Hi! Just stopping over from Mon's post to offer some support. I was banded last November - let me know if you have any questions and stop by my blog if you have a chance!