Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I share my private info like cookies

In preparation for my surgery next Monday, I did ALOT of pre-planning. One thing I did before I picked my surgery date was to consult both the ELB and my work calendars, and I also counted when my Aunt Flow would show up. I wanted to be post-Aunt Flow when surgery day came so that I wasn't dealing with surgery incisions and having my ovaries scream at me. I timed things perfectly. There was only one two week period in which the ELB had a period of two days off, that fell between my work obligations, and also fell after my Aunt Flow left town--March 25.

Aunt Flow, regulated by the pill, used to show up on Wednesdays and be fully done and out of the house by Sunday at the latest.  Since I started losing weight, Aunt Flow has been showing up on Thursday and staying through Monday. One time, she showed up the Friday before I even finished my pills for the month--so she's been all over the board.

Since she's become a little bit more unpredictiable lately, with the blessing of my GYN, I stopped my BC pills three days early to trigger an early period. This would ensure that she would be gone by surgery date, so if I have to have a catheter, there wouldn't be any akward grossness about things.

She FINALLY showed up last night. Relief on one hand, because she should hopefully be gone by the end of the week--but where I've been doing pretty darn good with my pre-op diet, and not feeling weak or light headed--well, that's all gone today. I assume since I'm having a pretty heavy flow this month, with the combination of the restricted diet, I'm more tired than usual. I also have a tendency to run slightly anemic during my cycle, so it's probably just a combination of things.

Today, even though I'm not really hungry, I'm going to try to get some extra protien in. I'm sitting here thinking about how I could get my hands on a double bacon cheese burger from 5 Guys (no bun--i have to stay in ketosis!) without totally blowing my diet. Good thing I don't have the car today and it's not within walking distance from my office--or that WOULD be in my belly for lunch!

Fingers crossed I can make it through the day!

Everyone shoud also stop by and check on Mon at Mons Lap Band Journey. She just got her band, and I think she's going to be a success!


  1. Does your doctor want you to have a period every month? Mine are no fun, so I just continually take the "active" bc pills and never take the placebos. I end up getting my prescription renewed earlier because of that, but my OBGYN doesn't mind and it means I don't have to deal with period fun. Of course, every few months or so I might forget to get my bc filled and have a period accidentally. Meh.

    And I'm focusing on protein this week, too. I haven't thought much about it since surgery, but since my hair has started to abandon ship, I'm thinking more about it now! I'm up to 43g so far today and my suggested amount from my surgeon is at least 64g/day. Getting there!

  2. Man, that double bacon cheeseburger sounds torturously good. Week 2 (and the end of clear liquids) can not come soon enough. I am dying for an actual bite of something.

    Stay strong...Flow ain't the boss a you! :)

  3. Thank goodness flo will be gone by surgery! Or at least on her way out. Would love to follow your journey. I don't see the "follow" button on your blog. Am I missing something? Let me know. I would love to follow along :) Good luck Monday. It is going to be a great life changing experience!

  4. That is so funny, I wondered if I was the only one who thought of that - of course not! I bet tons of us do. Odds are I will be right in the middle of mine, unless stress throws me off cycle. Glad you timed yours right. ;-D I think it just feels like one more embarrassing thing to go into surgery with, too! :-P I'm sure I will be beyond caring at that point, but still...