Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday and Sisters

Luckily, since it's just me and the ELB alone in the big city, we don't do holidays.  So I don't have to worry about avoiding Easter Candy--because we don't get any.  Especially Peeps. I'm a sucker for Peeps--and I have turned them down at work prior to surgery--when normally I would be all OVER those suckers.

Today as been pretty good. Still sleeping in the recliner couch (but the ELB sleeps there with me because we can't bear to be apart). Hope to be back in a regular bed by Monday--but we will see how I feel with my incisions.

I've started bruising around my largest incision--it's all yellow and purple and would be rather pretty as an abstract painting--if it weren't located on my tummy.

I've also been eating more than I probably should.  I have no restriction-and the swelling must have gone out of my tummy sooner than expected.  I kind of cheated a little bit today--but I wanted to test something.  I made chicken salad.  I took a can of chicken and drained it and then put it into the food processor and ground it up into practically powder. I did the same thing with three sweet gherkins.  And then I mixed it all together with two dollops of Hellman's Mayo--and two dollops of Fage Greek Yogurt--with a packet of sweet-n-low.  OMG--it is SO good. I've limited myself to having it in 1/2 cup portions twice today.  I've also eaten a whole can of Campbells cream of chicken and mushroom soup, a 12 oz protein shake, and a cup of protein pudding. See, I'm eating alot. Along with three bottles of water (48oz) so far.

I really need to work on my portion control. 

I also spent an awesome hour talking to one of my BBF's.  It was so great to catch up with her. I really miss the friends that I made during my class. They are women that I have come to enjoy talking to--even though we are at different places in our lives--we will always have this in common--and that will keep us friends for (hopefully) the rest of our lives.In a year, we have plans to go away for a girls weekend to celebrate our one year surgiversaries.  

I am looking forward to getting past the post surgery portion of this journey so that we can make plans to get together, go to dinner, order one entree and split it three ways. 

I'm also enjoying reading about everyone else and their journey.  We have all gotten here through a different route. Some of us had more restrictive plans to follow--education and diet wise, while others have been able to cruise through things.  But no matter the paths we have taken--we are all in the same place--and that binds us all as sisters (and brothers if any are reading). We are part of a special group that should never judge us for our past, but should accept all of us, provide us all good support, and advice, .  We are all part of the sisterhood of the band.


  1. Portion control will bet easier. It's all a learning process. Sometimes it seems like I still need to work on it. Glad you are starting to feel better!

    1. *get easier. Ugh Really need to read before publishing LOL :)