Monday, March 11, 2013

The best laid plans...

So, I had every intention of starting my pre-op diet on Saturday--putting me on it (voluntarily) for 16 days. 

Well, Saturday ended up not working out for me--so I just shifted it a day to Sunday.  No big whoop--I'd still be on it for 15 days (considering my surgeon told me I only had to do 7 days, I'm still being awesome!).

Well, Sunday didn't work out either. Both days I was out running errands, at lacrosse/softball games (as a spectator), and no way to transport perishable soy milk/dairy products. Nor did I want to be out and about and starting a new diet.

So, today is day one.  As stated before, I am doing the Unjury plan.  With this one, you get to eat some stuff like plain greek yogurt, cream of wheat, SF apple sauce, raw or cooked veggies and SF pudding/SF jello along with 4 servings of the Unjury protien. I only have to do two shakes a day. the other two are mixed with the SF Jello or SF Pudding or in water. I actually made the protien pudding using soy milk and unflavored powder.

I started my day at 5am. I had a shake at 6am. I ate cream of wheat at 7am. I had SF apple sauce at 10:30am. The plan suggests meal plans/times for how to get in all your food.  I'm not good at following plans.  As long as I consume everything I'm supossed to consume daily, then I'm still meeting the terms of the plan, right? I'm doing what feels best for me, and if that means eating something every two hours instead of regimented meal/snack times, then I'm going to do what I need to do to be successful.

As a fallback, I also brought some canned chicken and some string cheese.  If I can't stick with it, then I need to eat protien.  As long as I stay away from sugars/carbs, then by day 3-4, I will start ketosis, and the fat in my liver will begin burning off.  And that's really the whole reason to do this. Shrink the liver so that the Lap Band is easier to install. Smaller Liver means more room for the doctor to do his job.

So far, I'm doing okay.  I still want to go eat something. If I can get my headhunger to shut the hell up, I will probably be able to do this with flying colors.  However, be prepared for me to bitch about being hungry for the next 14 days.

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