Friday, March 29, 2013


Since I came home I've been sleeping in a recliner. Last night I wanted to go to sleep in a bed. HUGE MISTAKE!

I tried to sleep on my back, but had random spasms across my tummy.  That freaked me out. So I tried to roll to my side. This was a HORRIBLE idea on my part. I practically screamed in pain as the largest of my incisions pulled so bad it felt like it was being ripped open.

I finally made it to my side where I could not get comfortable at all. Bracing the side of my stomach on a pillow helped some but I didn't sleep at all. It probably didn't help that I didn't take any of the happy pain pills from the hospital all day. I was trying to be superwoman, and instead it got me a sleepless night.

The plan is to incorporate the happy pills back in today and to stick with the recliner through the weekend. Hopefully by Monday I'll be able to get comfortable in a bed.

Did any of you have this type of experience with trying to sleep in your own bed after surgery?


  1. I actually didn't have any trouble sleeping in the bed after lapband surgery. There's no way I could sleep in the bed after this tt surgery...and I miss it badly. I can't wait to be back in the bed!!

  2. Take your meds!!! And yes, I had the searing pain, stitches being ripped apart feeling when I tried to roll in basically any direction. It could be the incision stitches OR the actual stitches inside holding your port to your muscle. Just be careful and stay up on your meds. We don't give out Lap Band medals for people who can "tough it out". :-)

  3. Oh, I SO know what you're talking about. Yes, it was definitely hard to get comfy in bed. I eventually started holding a pillow tight against my belly, then gently lowering myself face-down onto the bed, pulling the pillow away right before my stomach touched the bed. Then I would sleep half on my belly, half on my side, and that was pretty comfortable. I tried sleeping on my back but it wasn't comfortable for me--never has been.

    And yes, pleeeeeease take your meds! That's why they give them to you. I took mine for an entire week and didn't worry about weaning myself off of it. When it's out, it's out...that's when you can stop!

  4. Was sleep any better for you last night?