Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day four and counting...

It's officially Day 4 on the pre-op plan, and I will admit, it's getting easier! My only cheats have been chicken breast and string cheese--and yesterday, it was only chicken! I'm hoping that by the weekend, it's way easier to stick to the plan--because Saturday I will be home....alone...all day long.  And me + alone time = boredom eating.  In the past 6-7 months, I've thwarted the Saturday hunger monsters by making huge pots of turkey chili or vegetable soup--which I would allow myself to eat only that when I was hungry.

Now, on the pre-op diet, I can't eat endless bowls of chili or soup.  I have limited protien shakes and greek yogurt/jello/pudding/cream of wheat to consume daily--along with my chicken breast cheats that I eat to make me feel full and satisfied.

How will I get through the 20 hours from the time the ELB leaves to start his crazy work day, until he gets home that night? I've been good at slowly ridding the freezer and cabinets of things like pasta and rice. The only sweets we have are Fiber 1 brownies and Fiber 1 protien bars and Fiber 1 granola bars (do you see a pattern here?) and those are off limits to me right now.

I have things to stay busy with--things I don't particularly like doing--like I REALLY need to scrub down the shower/tub before surgery, and put up a new shower curtain, and wash the floors. I have tons of my clothes that need to be sorted into what I can potentially keep and continue to wear, and what I plan on getting rid of at the first opportunity. I have two huge bins of clothes that were my moms (in size 20-24) that I need to wash and sort and decide what I may be able to fit into by summer, and what needs to be donated. The kitchen is okay, but the living room feels like a tornado hit it--and I could really focus some time there. I could also resurrect my jewelry making--but I feel that the house cleaning needs to be done first.  The question is--how to make myself do it.

Any suggestions on how to deal with the boredom eating? Maybe I'm worried for nothing, but I'm a planner--and I like to anticipate how to deal with things before they happen.

BTW--breakfast shake was Vanilla Unjury with a shot of Irish Creme SF Torani Syrup. Delicious!

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  1. Jewelry making = YAY!! I made my mom a wire & bead bird's nest necklace for her birthday last month and she loved it! They are crazy easy to make, too.

    Good luck on Saturday...I am terrible at eating out of boredom/lack of structure. Can you call a pal to come over and keep you company? I won't pig out in front of company :)