Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So, about those pre-op rules....

I know that there are rules to my pre-op plan that I am supossed to abide by. I get it.  I'm not one to normally shun the rules for anything.  I LIKE rules.

That being said, the pre-op diet can be challenging, especially when your job has you traveling during the day to other locations, or you have busy evenings (ie: support group, Good Will shopping, visiting classmate who just had her Lap Band, and then picking up the ELB from work) when you don't get home until after 10pm. And it's too warm out to carry around shakes, because let's be honest, cold they are ok--but warm is pretty narsty.

Yesterday, that was my day--busy busy busy! I was great on plan, except for the addition of chicken to my Unjury chicken dip yogurt--but last night, knowing I was nowhere near home and not able to get a shake, I had to get something to eat to hold me over. I ended up with a 12 pc grilled nugget from Chick-fil-a (my absolute favorite and ONLY fast food place I can eat at), and a string cheese.  I also walked for about 20-25 mins just to get some fresh air. The office was so hot I thought I would MELT!

Today, I had my UGI and chest x-ray--so fasted from dinner last night (at around 8pm) until almost 11am today. Woke up with a headache. Wasn't allowed to take pills or drink water until after the test.  Tests went well--I think.  Everything looked good to the Radiologist, or so they told me. Then, because I was starving and the CFA is actually located halfway between the hospital and my office, I stopped and got another 12 pc grilled nugget and unsweet iced tea. And OMG was it good. I enjoyed every single bite/sip. And I've been caffiene free for almost a week now!

Now, I will be on plan the rest of the day--and I'm not going to worry about plain chicken throwing me off plan.  Protien is protien, right? And I just had a serving of the Unjury high protien pudding I made. And dinner will maybe be more of the chicken dip with some veggies. Just need to work on getting my water in today, and I should be good. Normally, I can knock out 64 oz of plain water by lunch time (my average daily total of water is 128oz)--today I'm lagging because of the testing--but not to worry--I will have it all down by bed time.

BTW, a shoutout to Mon from  Mon's Lap Band Journey (who is set to be banded around the same time as me!).  She seems really nice, and from what I can tell, we could totally be besties in real life!

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  1. If you're gonna break the rules, you at least made a pretty healthy choice. Much better than chalupas from Taco Bell (mmmmm).

    Do you have Crazy Bowls & Wraps near you? It's this amazing healthy fast food place. My favorite things is their Power Protein Griller: chicken, black beans, cheddar, rice, corn salsa and romaine lettuce.

    Also, I just gagged thinking about warm protein shakes!