Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's been rough... I won't lie

And it's not so much the pre-op diet that has been tough this weekend. It's been the emotions. The ELB does have to work today, so I'm home alone again. 

Yesterday, I was bad. I cooked a pound of ground turkey with veggies and ate it all during the course of the day. I know I shouldn't be emotional eating--I know that I do it, but sometimes, I just can't get my brain to shut up.  Right now, my heart hurts and I miss my mom. 

I was so tired yesterday after the week of appointments, that I tried to take a nap.  But when I went to bed and got comfy, my brain began going a mile a minute, so instead of sleeping, I cried. Alot. For about two hours. Then I got up and ate. All day.  Everything was protein, so I shouldn't have come out of ketosis--but by the end of the day, I felt stuffed and bloated and gross. 

Today, to fill up some time, I started washing the clothes that I kept from my mom that I hope I will be able to fit into by summer--a good selection of 22/24 crops and tees.  My mom had pretty good taste, so classic pieces should fit into my work wardrobe without issue--IF I can fit into them by that point. Right now, I'm in the 28/30 range in pants (even though they are looser) and 26/28 in tops (I carry my weight in my stomach/thighs).

Today, I'm tired. I'm not hungry like yesterday.  I think I got my binge out and today I'm just meh. So, 7 days in, I don't know how much I've lost because I'm too heavy to weigh on my home scale--but I might run to the surgeons office tomorrow to pick up some more Unjury products for post surgery, and I'll jump on the scale there to gauge my progress. Of course, I'm also supposed to start my period this week, so that will most likely skew my numbers a bit. 

So, in review, I am a bloated emotional jacked up mess of a person this weekend. Fingers are crossed that the week ahead goes better so that  I can leave my baggage at the curb and coast into my surgery on March 25. We will see...

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  1. Sorry about your sad weekend :( This can be a very emotional process, and I can't imagine going through it without my mom! So sorry...

    I'm here for you!!!!