Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy mothers day

Happy mothers Day to all my fellow banders. I hope you all have a great day.

And if like me, you have no mom and no kids, please know that I understand how difficult this time is for all of you.

My mom died last year. This is my second mothers day without her, and it hurts more this year than last.

I have been wished happy mothers day approximately fifty times since Wednesday.

Yesterday I stopped to pick up a few groceries, and the cashier said "I bet your looking forward to tomorrow!". And I had hit my breaking point and said "not really. My mom is dead and I have no kids, so its just another day for me".

I felt bad after I said it, because he was just a kid, and had probably been advised to say that to all the women by his employer, but maybe my little outburst will help him realize that not all women are mothers, not everyone has a mother, and some women want to be mothers but can't.

But I sincerely wish that those of you that observe this day, whatever your reason, enjoy it....and maybe in two years when the ELB and start working on our own little piece of jumbled recessive trait DNA...I'll be able to celebrate it, too.

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