Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In the news today...

I woke up to the news that NJ Governor Chris Christie had Lap Band Surgery.

Even though he's a Republican, I've got mad respect for Chris Christie--for embracing his size, and being who he is. After Hurricane Sandy, he was the face associated with the storm. He put aside the petty political differences and worked with Obama to help the people, much to the chagrin of other political higher ups like John Bahner.

Even though I have a Lap Band myself, is it wrong that I kind of feel like he's a sell out for getting it? After reading the article, I have changed my opinion on that statement--and I think that he has done this for the same reason that  I did--and the same reason that you did--to be healthier. To be happier. To be able to stick around for the people you love--and that love you.

Maybe it's his first step towards making a run at the White House, even though he says it's not? I know that he has had his name bandied about as a potential presidential candidate--but the pundits said that he would never be elected because of his size. That the American People would not want a fat president.

Ironic, isn't it, that weight would deter someone from being able to be elected president.  It IS the last acceptable discrimination. I think that my weight has held me back from great jobs and opportunities because people didn't want to take a chance on someone of my size.  

Now that he's gone forward with surgery, can we expect to see him on the ballot in the near future? Either way, congratulations Chris...and welcome to the club!


  1. My first thought was I hope he is successful because oh the pressure of public scrutiny..but I suppose he is very used to that!

  2. Sounds like this is the topic of the day! I am going to go read up on it! Whatever his reasons, I hope he is successful!