Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This is how you do it

Eat a cookie.  You share it.

I got this at lunch today, and we each snapped off one petal as dessert. Enough to get a taste, but not enough to totally derail the day.

One cookie in whole has 490 calories. Divided by six pieces, its 82 calories a bite. Yes its a splurge but sharing is fun!

You guys can ALL have a petal from my metaphorical friendship cookie. No calories, just awesome!


  1. Oh my, that cookie looks goood. I need to find some people to go to Panera with me!

    By the way, I always have trouble remembering to say "Panera" because where I live, it's called St. Louis Bread Company...but when I'm talking to out-of-towners they have no clue what I'm talking about :-D And oh my goodness, it's been FOREVER since I've had one of their Sierra Turkey sandwiches. Mmmmmmm chipotle mayo...

    1. MMM... Sierra Turkey is my favorite. Less so when I have to enter it into MyFitnessPal. But I still love Panera.

  2. I love Panera!! I can remember a time where I would eat 3 cookies and not even give it a thought...those days are long gone. But I do still love the cookies :)

  3. Awesome problem solving...I believe it is always a good idea to find a way to have the thing you love to eat in a way that won't kill your diet....Good Job!

  4. For Mother's Day my husband's boss sent me this whole bucket of flower shaped buttercream frosted sugar cookies - lol! It was such a sweet thought, but I looked at it and first was touched, then thought, oh no! - then thought - well, guess the hubs and kids will like these! They had them polished off in two days.