Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's your support?

I'm heading to a support group meeting tonight, and meeting up with some of my peeps from the 6-month pre-op class.  We have been keeping in touch via email and text since we had our respective surgeries--but haven't actually seen each other in probably six-eight weeks or more.

Tonight, we will go to support group (which is about Yoga, BTW), then those of that that can go will head out to somewhere local to hang out and catch up. There may be PF Chang lettuce wraps involved. But that's just a rumor.

I've been looking forward to this for a while--but two or three of the people that were supossed to come aren't going to be able to now--so it will most likely just be three of us, instead of the six that we originally planned. But that's okay--because we are still a support system, no matter how large or small!

I read way back when I was in my 6-month classes that people who attend support group regularly have more long term success than those who don't find that support system. I want to be successfull at this, but sometimes feel that my support group isn't necessarily meeting MY needs with Lap Band.  The group is for all three surgeries, but RNY tends to dominate because that is the most popular. There is one girl with a sleeve and me with a Lap Band--and otherwise, it's all RNY all the time. So I sometimes feel a little ignored because the questions that I ask don't really apply to other people at the meetings.

I'm active on the Lap Band Talk forum, and have gotten (and given) some advice there--but was wondering is there another online support system that I can utilize? I have checked and haven't found any local Lap Band only groups in the Baltimore area that can provide the face to face interraction that I feel that I need.

I am one of those people who needs to be held accountable.  I lost weight during my 6-month class because every single week, I was stepping on a scale and being held accountable for my success (or failure) that week.

I need more accountability right now. I need the pressure of a scale looming in the distance to keep me in track. Once a month isn't going to cut it, I don't think--too much time between weigh ins.  You guys are great, and you motivate and inspire me to do better--but since you don't see my fat ass every day, it's easy to push you to cyberland. I don't want to be a scale whore--but I think I need to at least step on the scale at least one day per week to track my progress.

Once I get under 350, I should be able to use the scale at home--but that could be another couple of months before I get there. Of course, as I say that, please realize that I have no idea what I currently weigh--and won't know until my appointment tomorrow. I have every optimistic hope that even though I have been eating like CRAP--that I will have managed to eek out a tiny loss because of my increased walking.  But I'm also pre-menstrual, so I may or may not be retaining water.


Sorry this is all over the place.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Good job!


  2. I know that MyFitnessPal helps me with accountability, just because every day when I finish my diary and publish it to my feed, anyone I'm friends with (including people from my lap band support group) can see what choices I'm making.

    Are there any other lap band clinics in your area? The reason I ask is that the group I attend is at a clinic, but you don't have to have had surgery at our clinic to attend. But since our clinic specializes in lap band, that's the majority of attendees. Just a thought.

  3. The only place aside from online is the support group that they have at my surgeons office. I hope you find additional places to go :)

  4. I was going to suggest Weight Watchers if you want a weekly weigh in, but I'm not sure if they have the higher scale - they certainly should right? Or does Overeaters Anonymous do weigh ins? I kind of think they might not, but I know some lap banders who really like that meeting for support for emotional eating and live support outside of what they get from their center. Some groups might not be as WLS friendly though, I don't know. The gal that shared her story when I went to my WLS intro meeting LOVED OA, and goes all the time. I like the idea of looking into other clinics - I would hope any would welcome someone to come to a support meeting, but it would take calling around, asking if they had a meeting, if they had a lot of lap band, and if it was open to everyone. Lap Band Gal has found meetings to go to when she has moved, etc - she might be a person to ask how she has found support meetings in new areas. There is something called Meetup (I think) that sometimes has groups in your area for all kinds of things, you can throw in your local area and lap band and see if there is a meeting. I used that to network for things like homeschool. Some off the top of my head ideas! I think it is great you are figuring out what you need in support to be successful, and I understand your need for more specific support. If your insurance covered it, even a counselor specializing in eating/weight issues, might be a good support - someone to talk to weekly and would also include having you weigh in for her/him, if you wanted that.