Friday, May 17, 2013

Just a little squeeze

So, remember when I said that I got a fill but I didn't think it was working?

Yeah, well, you guys were right. I totally feel Donny today!

Not in a bad way where I can't drink anything and I can't eat anything and I'm PB'ing and getting stuck---just, I can feel her there today.

Every morning when I wake up, before I head to the bathroom to start my getting ready for work routine, I drink some water. I'm basically judging whether I think that I have any restriction that day so I can gauge the rest of the day. And this morning, it went down SLOW.

So, after I gave the bunny her morning raisins, I pulled out the 4oz of protien shake that I made on Wednesday to finish today, and I made my last three ham/swiss rolls. I ate one, and it slowly worked its way down the gullet.  I could FEEL it. And as much as I wanted to drink, I really tried not to. So, that plus the 4oz of shake was breakfast.

When I got to work (see, this is my problem), my brain kept telling me that I needed to eat more than that, protien wise, so I went to the fridge and pulled out some thin sliced deli turkey and a cheese stick. On bite #2, it got stuck. Not stuck that it came back up, but stuck enough to make the iced tea I was sipping to back up into my throat.  And it was the WEIRDEST sensation waiting for it to pass--I felt it when it cleared Donny--because the tea just rushed down.

I didn't snack all morning, and I took it easy with soup for lunch, and then had two ham/swiss rolls as my afternoon protien punch.

So, wow.  I'm happy because I finally know that I have restriction.  And since I'm aware of it, I know what to NOT do to make it angry. I will be Miss Perfect Band Girl going forward (okay, who am I kidding--that will never happen!).  Okay, so I won't be perfect, but I WILL be aware.

Happy Friday!

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