Saturday, May 18, 2013

I love summer!

Okay, as a big girl I'm not a huge fan of the HEAT of summer....but i do love me the veggies of summer.

Tonights dinner is braised kale with garlic and onions and corn on the cobb. I also have a cucumber and tomato salad on deck...but will probably defer to some turkey burger instead to get my protein in.

What's your favorite vegetable for summer? I'm patiently waiting for the local tomatoes to come into season, but that won't be till August.


  1. I love, love, love fresh corn. I also love home grown tomatoes :)

  2. I will eat corn and tomatoes until I'm sick of them because i want to savor them as long as possible.

  3. I love fresh tomatoes too. I also love grilled asparagus. And I like all kinds of cold veggies with dip - like the one you make with fage, or there is a good TJ's dip made with kale kind of like a spinach dip but lf, or even guacamole from TJ. Then a bowl of grape tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumber, jicima, sugar snap peas....mmm