Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last night was a bust...

So, the best laid plans often fall to the wayside.

At support group, only me and my one friend showed up--and she had to go pick up her kid after--so there was no girls night out. We are tentatively rescheduling for next week.

The group was good, though.  Chair Yoga. It was great! I like yoga--but lets be honest--it's not easy being a big girl and doing yoga poses. But this instructor has put together this chair yoga program that pretty much means that all the poses are done standing up or using a chair. I didn't think it would work--but it was great! I was totally suprised, and deffinitely feel that I got a decent work out.

The best part was that the instructor was NOT a size two rubber band...she was a big girl! And that immediately put all of the bariatric patients at ease. As she said, she knows how larger bodies move because she has one, and she knows that some positions need to be modified, or some body parts (like tummies) need to be shifted to get into some positions. You can check out her website here: Unfortunately, I think she only does stuff here in Maryland.

I might look into taking her next session that starts in June. It's every Saturday, and I think it would be beneficial (even though I would have to drive over an hour each way to get there). She had also mentioned that she would like to put together a yoga workshop for couples--so I'd love for the ELB to do that with me.

My fill is impending today at 2pm.  In anticipation, I ate a toasted sunflower bagel with LF ham/LF swiss for breakfast instead of my shake. Since I can't have anything solid for the rest of the day, or tomorrow, I saved my breakfast shake for this afternoon since I won't be home until after 6pm. I also prepped some loose chicken salad (loose meaning super moist with greek yogurt and some mayo) and high protien pudding (made with Silk and Unjury protien powder) for tonight/tomorrow.

I'm a little nervous, but my biggest fear is that it will be too tight and I'll have to go and have fluid taken out. Fingers crossed that it goes okay and that I can jumpstart some weight loss by not being able to eat everything. I'm struggling with going 4 hours between food consumption--i'm averaging like 2.5 hours. :)

My friend with a band who got her first fill a few weeks ago told me that our surgeon is super professional--he found her port right away, and she hasn't had any issues with her fill--and that he is the ONLY one that will do fills--no being pushed off to PA or other doctors.  And our surgeon does fills the aggressive way--he will overfill, have you drink water, and then pull out fluid until the water goes through (which is usually around .5cc). She had him take out a little bit extra because she was afraid that she would have issues, too--so I might do the same. We will see.

So, I hope that I have a positive experience today! And here's hoping that I haven't gained weight when I get on the scale today!

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  1. Fingers crossed for you on the fill! I can't wait for my next one...don't feel anything yet!

    That chair yoga sounds so awesome--I'm definitely checking out her website!