Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So, it's all rainy and blechy today.  You know, what life in Seattle must be like--rainy, dark, and EXTREMELY HUMID.

And as I've learned--humidity = restriction. So, I've had some restriction today.  I had trouble drinking my shake at breakfast. I snacked on some Annies Homegrown cheddar snack mix, and was feeling pretty dang full. 

But then it happened.  I had made lunch plans with some coworkers last week. For today.  And since I rarely go out with these two people, I didn't want to bail because I didn't want them to think it was a personal affront. So I went--even though I really wasn't feeling all that hungry. We ended up at this place called Richardson Farms (btw, SUPER cute place).

I got their herb roasted chicken breast with a side of (gasp!) mac and cheese. I know, I know--I have shunned pasta in all forms for months.  But I was feeling kind of restricted and thought that the mac and cheese would be easy to go down. And it was.  It was ok, but it wasn't great. (I think that MY mac and cheese is superior--so I won't get this one again.)  And the chicken was good (just messy and hard to eat--i was wearing some of it by the time we left) and 3/4 of my breast is going home for dinner.

It was the SLIDER foods that ruined my "eh, I'm doing okay food wise" day today.  Because this place is like a farmers market--sort of. They have lots of those gourmet type candies, organic fruits and veggies, the Amish bakery and cheeses, etc. I got some things for the ELB (two types of BBQ sauce, and some CowTails), and I picked up some pimento cheese spread and some chocolates (only 5 individual pieces) for me.

The pimento cheese is in the fridge.  Three of the five chocolates are in my gullet. I know understand what people say about slider foods.  You know, the foods you can eat that aren't good for you, but which go down without issue and don't cause you to feel anything with your band. Apparently, chocolate is mine. And I really need to nip that in the bud. I just ate a ton of calories that I really didn't need. And I'm not even a big FAN of chocolate.

And, to top it off, I can't walk tonight when I get home because the Orioles are in town and it's raining. Sigh. So yea, it's THAT kind of day.

But I have a new resolve today after learning about Chris Christie and his decision to have a Lap Band.  He's a public figure, which makes him accountable for his weight loss to EVERYONE.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm not going to go and tell people about Donny--but I am going to be more motivated to stay on plan.  If Chris Christie can do it, I can do it.  (What would Chris Christie Do?)

Starting tomorrow...

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  1. AH Slider foods!! Popcorn is notorious for me! Love it tho. I can eat a whole bag!! I know popcorn isnt horrible but the caramel I put on top of it isnt so great! One of the great things about tomorrow is we get to start again! I have had many days like you did today, and you will recover tomorrow. I beleive in you!