Thursday, August 29, 2013

change is good....right?

I went to the salon last night to get my hair cut.

Just so you know, I am very weird about my hair. I go through stages where I will grow grow grow it out for like, three years and have it all long--and then just walk in and chop it all off and start over again.

I had been growing my hair long before surgery. It was the longest I had kept it since I was 19. The day before I was released to go back to work from my lapband surgery, I went and had it all chopped off to around shoulder length. BIG CHANGE.

The past few months, I have been letting it grow out a little (Biotin is making my hair grow FAST). It had been two months since my last cut, so I had scheduled with my stylist for last night.

I gave her a picture and said, I think that this would be flattering. And she agreed (because she isn't going to lie to me), and she made it happen. She's been encouraging me to go shorter for a while now--and I've been a holdout. From shoulder length to just below chin length. It looks super cute--I think. My coworkers love it. The ELB says that it will take a day for him to adjust, but he liked it. I actually have a NECK! And one day soon, I'll have collarbones and will be even MORE awesome.

I'm changing my body--why not my hair? Change is GOOD!

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