Wednesday, August 21, 2013

hola chickies

Just doing a drive by posting. OMG the sparkles worked!

Just for reference, the ELB = ever loving boyfriend. It took time to find something to fit him that wasn't a pain to type, could be quickly referenced, and would make sense.

This morning, I got to work and did my 4 laps.  I ended up going to Panera for lunch with some of my coworkers (soup/bread/chocolate croissant), and my one coworker was like, "I was in (boss's) office this morning when you were walking, and she said, "You can really see that Luka has made alot of progress". So, chalk that up to THREE comments this week about my weight loss, second hand as it may be.

I'm starting to wonder if I've had a more noticeable loss the past month, or if people are just starting to notice?

I was scheduled to see the surgeon next week for my 5 month bandiversary/monthly followup/fill visit. The ELB and I had already talked, and I had decided that I don't want another fill right now. This past month, because of its spectacular craptacularness, really threw me off track with eating and exercise, and I was going to focus on getting back on track. I've also been rocking some restriction (not too much, but enough to make me aware..most of the time).

I was going to keep my appointment, but only go in as a check up and weigh in. The surgeons office called today to ask if I could reschedule--they are having issues with the new computer system.  The earliest they could get me in was 9/18/13. I already have my appt next month on 9/25/13, so I'm going to skip the August visit. I do plan to run over sometime next week just to step on the scale to see if I'm up or down. Fingers crossed it's down. As of last month, I was still about 11pounds away from being able to use the scale at home. I'm hoping that I'm closer to getting under 350.

In addition, I found a pair of jeans that fit (for the time being). These are being called my 'transition' jeans, since I don't plan on being in them for very long. My next clothing goal is to fit into the size 26 jeans I got a few months ago. I had orignially said by Labor Day--but that ain't happening. So, my new goal for those jeans is December 1. I ordered my transition jeanso online through Catherines (for some reason, they are the only jeans that fit right now). I ordered a 28 avg in the moderately curvy cut. I usually go with the curvy cut, because, lets be honest...I have ALOT of curves. Everywhere.

I brought them home last night (don't you LOVE free delivery to stores?), and was afraid to take them out of the bag--in my head thinking, OMG, these stupid jeans are NOT going to fit. I'm going to look like a sausage and realize that I haven't lost weight--I've just stretched out my old jeans  and it just makes me think I've lost weight. Yes, this is the esteem killer I have living in my head.

I figured  that I might as well get it over with, took off my work pants (in the living room), pulled on the new jeans....and they FIT. They are a little huggy on the thighs, but fit everywhere else (not perfect, but better--the crotch isn't halfway to my knees)! So, now on Fridays (and weeekends) I can look better than I did wearing my huge baggy pants I have been wearing. Best $40 I have ever spent! I felt way more confident in them, even with the huggy thighs.

When I was at my dads last weekend, I brought back two old pair of jeans that I had left there to be my "farm" jeans. When I left them, they were skin tight and uncomfortable to wear..but they still had a little 'life'l left in them. (by life, I mean that the inner thighs have not worn through and I could wear them without a patch job). I wore both pairs this past weekend, and they were both loose (but not baggy) and comfy. They were soft and broken in and felt like old friends. So, now I have three pairs of jeans that fit--two for weekends when I don't need to look as nice, and a new pair for casual work Fridays.

This makes me happy. Now, after getting into my first goal of size 26 jeans by December 1, my second goal is to fit into my moms spring/summer clothes (cute crops and tees and skirts and sweaters) in sizes 22/24 by March of next year. I think that's realistic, right? I hope so because I am fo-shizzle broke, and don't want to see these clothes go to waste (although they will one day be donated to some other person who needs them).

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Watch you be smaller than 22/24 by March! I can totally see it! And I think in that case, you will be okay with the clothes going 'to waste'!! You've got this Luka Beth :)