Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My cups runneth over...

Twice in two days, I have had two different people remark on my weight loss.

The first occured yesterday during my morning walk around the building. A woman was like, "out for your morning stroll", and I was like, "yes, ma'am!". She said, "you've been doing this for a while now, haven't you?", and I was like, "I started in November", and she said, "Keep up the good work. You're making great progress!". And I was all like, "thanks!".

This morning, I was on my morning walk, and a girl from the other end of my building that I see in passing every day (we always exchange the courteous good morning) was walking in, and she was like, "Looking good!". And not in a weird sexual way, you pervs. Just a friendly observer way. And that kind of made my day.

So even though I don't really see/feel the changes that are happening (other than my ginormous pants), other people do. The ELB always tells me that I'm doing great--but I just don't see it.

Quick question--has anyone else had this happen? I'm losing weight, but I SWEAR my boobs are getting bigger. It's not the "you lose weight around them and they look bigger" phenomenom---they are physically BIGGER. My bra size has not changed one iota. I'm still wearing the same bra's as before (44c from Lane Bryant), but my cups runneth over. The ELB is escatic, and I'm not complaining--just wondering if it's normal?

Enough about my cleavage. Hope that everyone else is having a great day!


  1. I've got the opposite problem. I swear all 40 pounds I've dropped have come off my boobs. My 44DDDs are like sad little pancakes in my bra. :)

  2. What does ELB stand for? I read your blog all the time and I can never figure it out...lol

    That is awesome for you...It is GREAT when your hard work is finally noticed!!!!

  3. lol I always wonder what ELB stands for too... if it's his initials or E L Boyfriend or what. But yeah, my boobs haven't ACTUALLY gotten bigger, but I've gone from a 44DD to a 38F.