Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday = back on track!

No matter how far I fall over the weekend---I know that Monday morning, I am back on track.


This week will be a challenge with being off 1/2 day Thursday (getting my toe cut open and fixed), off on Friday, and the long weekend...which means that I HAVE to keep myself on track until work resumes on Tuesday.

I pounded out SIX laps this morning. I had my protien coffee and egg white breakfast sandwich. I have errands to run at lunch. I hope to get on the elliptical when I get home. I need to bank up some exercise for this weekend, since I'm not sure how eager I am going to be to work out/walk with my toe recovery. I won't be able to wear closed toe shoes for at least a week without pain.

I should probably pull out my weights and start working on toning up my arms. They have gotten super flabby lately since the fat is melting out. They were big and fat, but firm. Now they are fat and flappy.

Even though my appointment was canceled on Wednesday, I'm still going to drop by on Thursday (my PCP doing my toe thing is in the same building as my surgeon), and hop on the scale. I also need to exchange a jar of Unjury chicken for some chocolate or vanilla. I like the chicken, but I don't need it--whereas, I use some chocolate or vanilla every morning with my coffee.

I'm scared/nervous to get on the scale. I'm going to make sure that I wear my light weight weigh in pants. Fingers crossed that I'm holding steady or have gone down. I'm afraid that the donut indiscretions will have made me gain.

Happy Monday!


  1. It is probably a blessing in disguise that my band will not tolerate any bread/carby substance, because I would really tear up a dozen Krispy Kremes right about now.

    Totally feel you on the arm thing. My arms used to be so firm, because they were so full of fat. Now they just kind of hang there.

  2. Can't wait to hear how the weigh in goes!