Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Day

Nothing new really going on. Still trying to stick to plan. Walking my laps every morning. Getting a haircut tonight. Toe thing tomorrow. Then off for the nice long weekend for recovery.

I've been writing down everything faithfully, but have been a little lax with the calorie counting. I made gnocchi with sauteed kale, onions, garlic and spices..and some grated parmesan. Was really awesome--but I threw away the gnocchi package the night before without reading the nutritional information. I didn't really track how much cheese I used--it was more than a sprinkle--less than a handful. These are the back to basics that I need to start doing again.

I know that I don't need a fill, because I do have restriction. I feel it every morning when I have my breakfast sandwich. Last night, I felt it when I was eating my TJ turkey meatballs. I think I've just been eating too many sliders (donuts, ice cream, crackers, white bread) in the recent past--and that has to stop. I'm only hurting myself, and hindering my progress with this. 

In some respects, I am jealous of the ones of you that can not eat breads at all, because if I couldn't eat bread at all--I would be really disappointed--but probably so much further in my journey. I have not had rice (and I LOVE rice), and I just tried pasta for the first time this past weekend--but that is another slippery slope that I have to be wary of going down.

I am not so much a sugar addict--I am a carb addict. I know, in some respects, they are the exact same thing. Refined white flour = sugar when metabolized. I would choose a warm crusty baguette with salted butter over a cake or cookie any day. I would choose pasta over potatos. But in the end, it's all the exact same thing.

I am not one of those people who can do a sugar detox. I don't think that I'm so addicted that I can't survive without it. And I like having the little treat on occasion. That's why I chose the band over the dumping syndrom. I can still exist in polite company/work/public, and noone knows any different.

But I need to retrain my brain. Stop with the donuts. Stop with the bread. Stop with the pasta.

I'll report on my scale visit tomorrow. Disappionted I can't exchange my chicken Unjury--no return/exchange policy even though it's brand new--but I'll survive.

Here's to a good hump day--and a downhill easy slide into a long holiday weekend!

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