Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just in case I had forgotten....

Donny reminded me this morning that she is in there, and she means BUSINESS. Part of it is probably stress. Part is probably my Aunt Flow hormones. Part is surely related to the weather (it's damp and rainy and Donny hates humidity). So I am tight. Very tight today.

The past few days (since Friday, I guess) I have not been a good bander. I have been eating alot of foods off my normal food plan. I have been busy.  The ELB had some gigs in DC, so we were there on Saturday and Monday night for that. We were in northern VA on Sunday car shopping. We have not been home all weekend.

I have had (deliciously awesome) burgers TWICE!
I ate an entire order of hand breaded onion rings by myself!
The ELB and I split a (heavenly) cookies and cream shake.
There was an incident involving a calzone.
There was an incident involving Boardwalk fries and a deli sandwich.
There might have been a Twix bar (or two) in there.

Needless to say, lack of my normal daily structure, exercise, and being home to cook, has put a severe kink in my weight loss approach lately. I don't think I've eaten a meal at home all weekend.

This morning, as I was making the ELB a turkey sandwich, I popped a slice of turkey in my mouth--and I got stuck. I slimed. and slimed. and slimed. while standing over the sink. And finally, just when I was about to sip some water to float that bad boy back up and out--I finally felt it slip through. And I have been tight and uncomfortable all day. I didn't not eat breakfast--so I had a shake. I didn't pack lunch, so I had a can of Campbells tomato soup (and it was great because I don't think I could handle chunks right now).

Right now, I'm getting in some water. And even that feels tight. So just in case I had forgotten that I had a band and what the purpose was--I was very quickly reminded today. Sometimes, I just need a wakeup call.

On the car front, the ELB and I found (and bought) a replacement yesterday.  Toyota Prius. 50mpg (top selling point). It's an adjustment to go back to a car, when I've been driving SUV's for 11 years--but it's one that is easier to make when I consider how much gas we will be saving. Hello expendable income! Welcome back to my pocket! :)

I'm off till next week--and will be without any type of phone/internet signal in the boonies--so I'll have to update you all next week when I get back.

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  1. Bands have a way of reminding us when we go off track, don't they. :)