Monday, August 12, 2013

So, did you miss me?

I'm baaaaaccckkkk!

What a humdinger of a crap-tacular weekend, let me tell you.

The past two weeks have been nutball- cray cray in my world.

We test drove cars on Sunday, bought one on Monday, returned the rental on Tuesday, went to my dads' on Wednesday, then spent Thursday (my birthday), Friday, and Saturday eyeball deep in Sh!t, ridding/sorting/cleaning. After two truck loads to the Goodwill, and 11 55-gal construction waste bags later, we closed up the house, and headed back to Baltimore. The ELB had a gig on Sunday morning, so we did our night drive.

Sunday, I stayed home and vegged out.

Today, I am working to get back on track with food and exercise. The past two weeks have not been good food wise. I have not tracked a single thing I have eaten. I have not gotten my normal exercise, either. I did get SOME exercise--but not as much as I normally would. I bought a new food journal, and have started the day back on plan (except I only got to walk two laps--the maintenance people were spraying the outside of the building with pesticides, and I didn't want to die so I cut my walk short).

Luckily, I still had restriction on my trip (hello high elevation and elevated humidity!) without which, I would have most likely gained  a ton of weight. As it is, I put on my work clothes this morning, thinking that I magically would have regained all 68 lbs in the course of a week--but my work pants were still baggy this morning--so I worried for nothing! If I gained it should be minimal, and as long as I am down SOMETHING come August 28 at my next check in, I will be a happy happy girl.

Emotionally, I am spent. Things with my dad/new wife/brother/SIL are tense, as always. Dinner was torture. I can't even look my dad's wife in the face, for fear that she will see how much I hate her. I don't like hating people. But I don't like her. And right now, I don't like my dad very much, either. I hope things get better--but I have a feeling that it will be a very long time before I can accept her, and the changes that are being made in my absence, if I ever CAN accept them.

I am so lucky to have the ELB. He is my rock, and I cannot possibly love him anymore than I do. He is my best friend. He keeps me sane. He holds me when I cry. He schleps boxes and bags and sorts through dust/mold/rodent infested stuff to help me with this chore. Without him, I couldn't do this. Any of this. He is my biggest fan.

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  1. awww... that was a sweet shout out for ELB. I'm sorry your birthday was crappy, but I'm glad you're home and can find some normalcy now.