Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pissed...but it might be good

Sorry I've been out of the loop the past week. Last week ended on an emotional low. I was told Thursday right before I left work that I wasnt going to be offered the most recent internal position that I applied for. I was ok with that but my frustration at not ever being considered for the five jobs I've applied for took its toll...along with the emotions i was still riding last week. I told the HR girl I was done. I wasn't wasting any more time applying for internal positions bc this company doesn't appreciate the talent they have. I have a BS, an MBA, and a professional certification. Her suggestion was that i should consider looking at admin positions. Really? I'm supposed to take a job that I'm way over qualified for in order to work in my chosen field with a bunch of women who who have less education and experience...that's not going to happen. I told her that maybe when i lost another hundred pounds i would be good enough to work in their dept and i walked out. I'm done.

Its been four years. Four years of shoddy pay increases, of being bored, of being yelled at by employees. I am awesome at what i do, but if i had to do this for the rest if my life i would shoot myself. I am not happy....but i am loyal. Too loyal. I should have been gone last year, but i had a plan. Get my surgery, lose weight, reach my goal, get my skin removal surgery then start looking for a new job when my weight would not be a deterrent.

Now I'm starting the job search. If nothing else it should motivate me to exercise and stay on plan. This weekend i was off. Not super off but i really need to work on staying on plan on weekends.

I am going to lose this weight. I got two pairs  of new tennis shoes for walking over the weekend so i can keep putting on the miles. And i am going to not let my weight keep me from applying for new jobs. There has to be a company out there that needs someone with my talent, skills, education, and experience. And I'm going to find it.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good Luck! Honestly, the confidence you gain through the weight loss will shine through in your interviewing. I felt so confident during my interview two weeks ago. I knew I had the job before I even walked out of the building, that's how you will know you have changed your life. I used to get sooo nervous during interviews.

    You will find something good! Sending you all positive vibes for finding something you love, and a company who will value you!