Monday, November 25, 2013

Am I doing this right?

The Green Zone.

It's what we all want and strive to reach as Banders. I know that I've wanted to get there for a while--so that I could finally start seeing some downward scale progress.

I am currently at 6.5 cc. I got my most recent fill on November 13.

I have learned that eating in the morning has been a big NO lately. Usually, I have coffee in the morning, with Unjury protien powder and soy milk. About 5 hours later, I will have something small for lunch (3/4 cup of some kind of protien packed soup or chili). Dinner is usually around another 5 hours later. Some days (like this weekend), I went all day on nothing but coffee, and I didn't miss eating.

Saturday, I didn't have my coffee. I met a friend for lunch at Wegmans around 2pm, and we hit the a la carte' food bar. I got 1/4 cup of sesame chicken and 1/4 cup of oven roasted broccoli. The first bite of broccoli, I get stuck. And it refuses to budge. And I start to slime and slime. But I'm swallowing it back, hoping that it will pass because my friend doesn't know about my surgery. Finally, I realize that I need to go RIGHT NOW or there will be bad things happening. I bolt for the bathroom--and I don't make it. Thank GOD that they have a hand washing area with a sink in a little alcove. I make it there and very discretely expunge a ton of slime. Then I go to the bathroom and slime some more. I think it's done, and I head back to the table. I don't eat anything, but just sit and chat--and then I have to go AGAIN because I'm still sliming.

Now my friend is worried. She thinks I have the flu. I almost came clean and told her the truth, but I don't. Instead I tell her that I have alot of phlegm from sinus drainage. She buys it, but I still kind of want to tell her--but I'm not going to...yet. Maybe one day, but right now, it's not worth taking the chance.

After my episode, I can't really eat or drink anything without being afraid to get stuck again. But later, our other friend shows up, and she wants to hit Boardwalk for french fries. And I ate some french fries without any issue. Then later, at dinner, I ate some Bloomin' onion just fine.

I know that I need to work on seeing if I can handle solid protien and not rely on slider foods (which I consider jelly beans, cookies, and anything fried) for sustenance. I don't want to go down the slippery slope of only being able to get slider foods while real food gets stuck.

I'm giving myself this week to figure things out. No slider foods. Focus on eating healthy and getting on track with my portions, protien, and chew chew chew. And come next Monday, if I'm still having trouble with real food, I will go in for an adjustment. I think that I just need to do better with the actual consumption with chewing and smaller bites to avoid getting stuck, which causes the swelling, that makes it hard to eat real food.

Any suggestions? Concerns? Am I in the green or am I in the red and causing more harm than good?


  1. Aw Im sorry girl. I got no suggestions, since I keep my band pretty loose bc I have an extreme fear of vomiting or Pb'ing. I hope it gets better or you can get a small adjustment

  2. I am right with you....I got a fill recently and I find it really easy to eat the food I shouldn't and I struggle with the stuff that I should eat. I have found that if I just FOCUS on chewing and making it moist (My surgeon's office suggest dipping sauces for EVERYTHING) it helps get in what you should...Perhaps it could help you too...Good luck and keep us posted!