Monday, November 18, 2013


Am I possibly in the green zone now, or did I speed right by into the red?

I got a fill last Wednesday. I deffinitely have some major restriction. This was quickly evidenced with my bagel experience on Thursday.

I am learning very quickly that I have been a lazy bander until now. These are the changes I'm figuring out on my journey (as of last Wednesday):

Bread = evil
Things with skins (like potatoes) = MORE evil
Poorly chewed bites=satan
 Eating too fast= a horrible decision that I will regret

I figured out the whole potato thing on Saturday. I ate ONE bite of a potato wedge while driving to Philly on Saturday morning. I got stuck. I slimed for FORTY MINUTES, spitting into an empty cup while the ELB drove. The whole time, he's trying not to hurl HIS cookies, because he is a sympathetic gagger. Finally, I had him pull over, I walked around, and then steathily retreated to the bathroom with a bottle of water where I 'floated' the instigator out. Is it disgusting? Yes, but it works, and after that, I was okay. Irritated, but okay. I had nothing else to eat that day until dinner when I had a small chicken tortilla soup and a milkshake from Chickfila (the milkshake felt good in my irritated tummy).

Since then, I have been trying to be very careful with my choices. I am limiting my portions and NOT going back for seconds. Water is very slow to go down.

I'm going to see how I do by Wednesday, and then decide if I need a slight unfill (slight meaning like 0.1 cc or something). I don't know what Green should feel like. I can eat, and not get sick unless I swallow too big of a bite, or try to eat too fast. I can't drink water as quickly. I'm not PBing everything I put in my mouth, which I think is a positive. I do get little gurgle burps when I drink things--which is like air coming to the top of my tummy, but it's not pain or anything.

Does it sound like I'm in the zone? Or am I too tight? I am planning to stick with soft foods for another day or so, and to continue crushing my pills for a few more days.

Any other advice?

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  1. This sounds like green to me. I do best when my band FORCES me to make the right choices and behaviors (chewing small bites slowly). To me, red means you are doing the right things and still getting sick...