Friday, November 29, 2013

getting skooled (again)

Some people NEVER learn...and by that 'some people', I really mean ME.

Stopped for gas on the way to work, and got some coffee. Stupidly picked up a breakfast sandwich while in line to pay for coffee.

Two bites in, I remember that I can't eat this early.


Old habits are so hard to change. It gets schooled into you that you should eat breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day! So, I try to eat breakfast. And since this fill, I fail at that. But I still have it in my head that I have to eat breakfast (it's the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL of the DAY), because my head tells me, "hey, it's the morning. time to eat!" and Donny is going, "girl, you be trippin'"...because honestly, what super white girl DOESN'T have a fabulous and fly black woman as their voice of reason (or the voice of their LapBand)?

I just stirred a half scoop of Unjury into my remaining coffee so that I have some redeeming nutritional value to my morning.

Happy post Turkey day! Other than WAY too much pumpkin pie filling with cool whip (btw, the ramekins without crust so worked good that I don't think I'll want crust on my pumpkin pie ever again!), the day was pretty quiet and relaxing.

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