Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not a good Saturday

I am a lazy bum. I haven't even gotten dressed today. The ELB has been gone all day. I've been on the couch, watching junky movies and eating my way through a box of Italian cookies that I (should not) have bought at Sam's club Friday morning.

That's like 5000 calories or something.... Not really sure because I haven't kept count of how many I have shoved in my pie hole.

I have been the worst bander. I have been bad about not tracking my food. I haven't been watching my calories. I'm really afraid that I'll show a gain at my next appointment on November 13.

I think I will be getting another fill this month. I just don't know how to tell my brain to recognize that the signals that say I'm full, or I'm not hungry. I really think that part of me is broken.

1 comment:

  1. You should try liquid for a couple of days to give you a reset. It kind of helped me. And it would probably have helped more if I had ANY restriction whatsoever.