Friday, November 15, 2013


This has been my week. Nonstop. Running constantly.

It's almost over.

I had an appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday. I hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst.

I gained 2.2 lbs. I got another fill. I'm now at 6.5cc.

I did awesome Wednesday, then was stupid yesterday. Every day this week has started at 5am. I have been out the door by 6:30 so that I could be at the offsite locations by 7:30. Yesterday, I had coffee for breakfast. Just coffee.  And unfortunately, I had some candy--because I didn't have anything to eat until after 2pm.

At 2pm, I forgot that I just had a fill--and I tried to eat 1/2 of a bagel. Okay, I DID eat half the bagel--and then my tighter new band said, "F*ck no, bitch". Whereby, I promptly began to slime, ran to the bathroom (which was closed because it was being cleaned), so I was spitting into the water fountain drain--then ran in and PB (I physically threw it up). I felt like crap.

Last night, I had the WORST headach that resembled a knife stabbing repeatedly through my eyeball. I went to bed early, and woke up feeling somewhat better thanks to the ELB (wink wink). Then, at work, I'm booking through voicemails and emails when my vision goes wonky. Like, I was looking through a glass of water.

I freaked out. It lasted about 20 minutes. I could see clearly if I was looking directly at something--but my peripheral was watery. I started to email my PCP for what I should do--go to her, go to urgent care, go to the emergency room--and in the meantime, I took some tylenol and some sudafed. By the time I finished typing my email, my eyes were back to normal.  I hope it was just stress, but if it happens again, I'm going to the doctor, pronto!

Luckily, I think that I'm at a good restiction level. I can eat and drink, as as long as I take my time, I am not having any other issues. Water is definitely slower going through, so I can't drink as much as I normally do--and it's hard to sip constantly--so I'm afraid that I will not be able to get my water in, but I'm going to try. I didn't realize how hard just getting in my water.

Hope that you have a good weekend. I'm exhausted, and as bad as it is for me, I am having alcohol tonight. I need it. I deserve it after this craptacular week!

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