Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random thoughts for a cold rainy Tuesday

1. Breakfast  and me are no longer friends. I've found out the hard way that solid food before I have been awake for any less than 4 hours isn't happening since this last fill. So, now, my protien coffee becomes my standard breakfast--which is fine, because I need that bitch to function anyways.

2.  Lentil soup is pretty good. I got a can of Progresso Lentil soup on sale at Giant for 88cents a few weeks ago, and I've been waiting to try it. I was actually afraid it would suck, and I would end up throwing it away. I opened it yesterday for lunch, and even though the initial smell reminded me of Alpo, once I heated it and added some black pepper, it was pretty good. The calories are a little higher at 160/serving, but there's 9 grams of protien in 1 cup of it--so that's not to bad. It also had good reheat value when I had the rest of the can today. I guess the days of eating a whole can of soup WITH a sandwich are no more.

3. In the evenings, I find that if I take my time and chew thoroughly, I can have a nice 'normal' meal of protien and vegetable without issue. Last night, I had grilled chicken nuggets from CFA for the first time in a while--and I did okay with them. Chew Chew Chew. Of course, I ordered a 12 pc b/c I share with the ELB. I had 4. He had the other 8. Along with his large order of fries, regular sandwich, and large dr. pepper.

4.  I don't get food jealous any more.In the past, I would get superbly jealous of other peoples meal choices when we would go out to dinner. I would always want to order last so that I could see if whatever anyone else was ordering would possibly be better than my choice.  Last Saturday when I went to dinner with my two work friends, I knew that I wanted French Onion soup--and that's what I ordered. One friend got a petite filet and broccoli, and the other got a huge plate of fettuccini. Was I food jealous? Not. A. Bit.  

5.  I really like cookies.  I don't know why I'm throwing that out there, but I do. Cake, candy---meh. But give me a cookie, and I'm all over it. Maybe because I have yet to have issues eating a cookie. Who knows. 

6.  I'm dying to get a new crock pot so that I can try out so many new and different recipes that really don't work in my old school circa 1972 avacado green tall round pot. I want the super cute and stainless steel and programmable 6 qt model that will fulfill my every stomachs desire. I'm investing in this thing so that it will last forever. I'm the most serious crock pot shopper out there. I know what I want and I know what I'm willing to pay for it. I'm going to be perusing the sales papers tomorrow for black friday specials.

7.  I'm making roast beef and potatos for Thanksgiving dinner. The ELB is super okay with that. Did you know that one package of cubed stew beef makes a ton of meals for us? I can't really enjoy the beef anymore, so the ELB will eat that--but I get full dibs on all the beef broth.  Which will then become vegetable soup or beef stew, and at least one dish of sauteed onions/mushrooms in beefy goodness. For $12, you can't go wrong.

8. I'm being SUPER economical lately because I'm a broke ass bitch. I had to pay a parking ticket (bogus!), I have to pay my county taxes, and trying to budget for vacation. I made a trip to Sams club yesterday and spent $100 on food, and then spent $35 today at Giant. This should get us through the next two weeks with minimal meals out. And part of the purchases were Halls SF cough drops ($7.50 for 180 drops), plus another $6 for freezer bags so that I can cook and portion out the chicken I bought.

9.  Why is Mio so damn expensive? $3.99 each? Luckily, they were 2/$6, and I had a coupon for a dollar off--but still, expensive! We love the lemon one because it's like Country Time Lemonade--but they only had ONE lemon today. Sigh.

10.  Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll. Enjoy some turkey for me. I'll be eating pumpkin pie! :)

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  1. So, occasionally I do get food jealous, but it's pretty rare these days. I know I'm weird as hell, but I actually enjoy watching people eat. You know, it's pretty normal for someone to ask "how's your dinner?" when eating together, but when they respond, I don't want a "good" or "fine" I want some freaking details. Describe that bread to me damn it! haha, ok, I've officially outed myself as a weirdo.

    Also, I love Mio, and also the walmart brand. But even the Walmart shit is expensive!!