Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy period my @ss

I am on the pill.  It's awesome and wonderful. I have regular periods. The ELB and I can get freaknasty whenever we want. And because I'm regulated, I should be able to get pregnant easier when the time comes for that next step. And the added bonus is that the horrible heavy flooding periods of my teens and twenties have been reduced to what I consider "normal". I don't have to wear double layers of pads. I don't have to sleep on a bath towel while wearing double panties AND shorts. I can function and not be afraid to stand up after sitting or laying for an extended period. I can sneeze without fear that it will look like a murder has occured. I am not doubled over in pain, so nauseated that I can't even get down Midol, and like I had to do mutliple times when I was 12, call my mom to come and take me home.

However, every few months, I get hit with a bad visit from Aunt Flow. And this is that month. I am bloated. I am crampy (the kind of crampy that makes me use lamaaz breathing to get through). I have irrational cravings (last night, vanilla ice cream with sea salt on top which tasted AWESOME). I have eaten what feels to be TONS of chocolate (but in reality has only been a few candy bars--but that is ALOT for me).

I am having hormone rushes (like, I'll be fine and then BAM! I'm flushed and red and sweaty). I'm having mood swings bigger than the pirate ship ride at the fair. And all while dealing with work (because this is our GO time from now until the end of January coupled with a new computer system).

I'm so ready to call this week over. I want to go home. I want to put on my comfy (black) sweat pants and get out of these jeans. I want to eat junk, and watch stupid tv and veg out.

I'm being a whiny little b!tch, and you know what, it's okay. Because I feel like crap.

But it reminds me of the Happy Period market campaign from Always (the only brand I use!), and how it was really a total fail. But the best part was this letter, that said everything I was thinking. And it made me laugh to remember when my bestie and I were both having our cycles and getting so p!ssed at Always for trying to tell us to be happy. Happy? Seriously? I just lost enough blood to require a tranfusion, and you want me to be Happy?

Read the letter, have a laugh--and a great weekend.

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  1. ohemgee.... that letter is EXACTLY what I felt during my recent 3.5 week period! and I laughed, so hard. mostly because I'm no longer bleeding like a stuck pig.