Saturday, November 30, 2013


I made chicken corn chowder.... Which is basically potato soup with  chicken and corn... Well my recipe is anyways.

I made it on the crock pot last Wednesday... Dumping in chopped potatoes (with skins) in chicken broth, diced onion, celery, shredded chicken, and frozen corn. Adding soy milk before eating. and then I added a 1/2 cup of qdoba salsa Verde BC it needed spice.

The first bowl I get stuck. I can't figure out why... And then I see the potato skins.

Sigh. Now when I eat this batch I have to pick out the skins. It's still good... And I guess it will help me slow down my eating if I have to look at every bite.

Lesson learned. Again.

Does life with the band ever get easier?

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  1. It's a learning curve. I feel like I learned 90% of what I needed to know in the first 9 months, but I am still learning bits of things every now and again.

    I actually made mashed potatoes yesterday and only removed about half of the skins. I didn't get stuck, but I made sure to chew them til there was nothing left to chew.