Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ten things...

So, even though I don't really get invited to do the TTT, I just feel like posting some sh!t, and doing it by number. Will there be 10? I don't know.

1.  I noticed that my front tire has been making noise since the oil change/tire rotation I got two weeks ago. Kind of like a jingling. I noticed yesterday that the wheel cover looked a little weird, so I called the local dealership and they said bring it in.  When I pulled in, they looked at the tire, and were like, "your lug nuts aren't secure". Seriously. I have been driving for TWO WEEKS on a tire that could have fallen off at any time. I.AM.PISSED. at the dealership where I bought my car, because they are the ones that screwed up. I am in love with this local one that fixed my car for FREE.

2.  I'm going out with my 'work' friends on Saturday to see the new Hunger Games movie. I have always shied away from going to movies on the weekends that they open because of the crowds.  Fat girl + lots of people (usually teenagers) = uncomfortable time for me. However, my two friends are also fluffy girls--and they really want to go Saturday, so I'm going to suck it up and not voice my insecurity. We have a whole girls afternoon planned. My goal? To spend less than $20 the whole day (not counting the ticket that I already bought online).

3.  A nasty cold has been going around the office this week. Two people in my current work area are sick, and another few are sprinkled around the building. I am doing my best to stay germ free--staying in my desk area except for bathroom breaks, using hand sanitizer, and keeping my hands out of my mouth/eyes. Fingers crossed I can get through.

4.  Tomorrow, I am taking a mental health day from work. I won't have another scheduled day off until 12/20--and then VACATION starting 12/28. Other than my surgery, I haven't had an extended period off this whole year. I need a break. After I get my temp crown adjusted, the ELB and I are heading to DC (he has a gig), and then we will be going out to dinner at Burger Tap Shake. I forsee a Big Daddy burger (sans bun) and half of a boozy shake in my future!

5.  The holiday is next week, and the ELB and I don't do a darn thing for it. Can I cook? Hell yes. Am I going to? Hell no. The ELB doesn't want Thanksgiving, and I don't think I can really eat it/enjoy it right now. I am determined to make some mini pumpkin pies just for me, just because it would be a crime to not get a pumpkin pie. I think that the ginormous pumpkin pie that you Sams club sells is the most delicious pumpkin pie in the world (besides the ones that my mom used to make when I was a kid). I'm going to forgo the huge pie and get some pumpkin and make my own tart size ones. Maybe I'll forgo the crust and just bake them in the ramekins, instead. That would be healthier, right? And pumpkin is good for you!

6.  Did I mention that I am counting down to vacation? I mailed the final installment for our condo payment yesterday, so other than coming up with the money for gas (which should be easier with a Prius) and food (which is easier since we will cook in for almost every meal) we are ready to go. The ELB is looking forward to it just as much as I am. Five Weeks, give or take a few days. Sigh. So so close!

7.  I've been struggling to figure out what to buy my dad (and his wife) for Christmas this year. Last year, I regifted an item to her that I got from the yankee swap gift exchange at work, and she loved it. This year, I plan on regifting a gift that I bought for the yankee swap two years ago, and then ended up getting back. I think that she will get that, my dad will get the two pairs of plaid PJ pants that I got on clearance at Kohls over the summer (they are UVA plaid so he will love them), and then we will get them a gift card to either Red Lobster or Cracker Barrel to finish it out. I'm poor, and I have a feeling that I'm going to be getting jack from them, so why spend alot of money I don't have. Besides, I asked my dad what they wanted/needed and he said "absolutely nothing". I don't feel bad regifting things to her, because everything I have given her has been brand new and very nice--whereas, last year from her, I got a book that she had read (if the folded corners and stained pages were any indication), and the ELB got a 'free gift' key chain.

8.  Am I too bitter? Because #7 seemed to be kind of "bitter, party of one"....but it's all true--so how can the truth be bitter?

9. I'm making friends. The 'work' friends from # 2 are starting to turn into 'real' friends. Making friends is a slow process. We have progressed from work colleagues, to lunch buddies, and now to actually seeing each other on a weekend friends. Will we ever get to the point that they would be emergency contacts, or anything like that? I think they could. They are nice girls (even if they ARE conservative Republicans--whereas I am NOT), so as long as we don't talk about politics, we get along famously! It's been a while since I've had girl friends--I have my best friend, but she's in Michigan, and we haven't actually seen each other since 2009, although we do keep in touch by phone and email and text. The ELB is my bestest friend, but he's supossed to be, but these girls have potential. I'm glad I met them!

10.  I need to get Tide and gas on the way home tonight--and maybe some canned pumpkin!

Later, gators!     


  1. No invite needed for TTT....

    And for #7 and #8, honestly that would really piss me off. I would rather get nothing than get a gift that says "I don't give a fuck". Sorry for the potty mouth. Even though you re-gift, she will likely not have a clue, because they look like nice gifts. Hers was just thoughtless and to me an obvious slap in the face. No wonder you don't have lots of love for this woman.

  2. Love the TTT.. and I can so relate to #4 Ive had no time off other then my surgry and my hubbys nose surgery this year... BUT at Christmas I have 3 days off the wk before Christmas 2 days off for the Christmas holiday itself and the WHOLE following wk ( after Christmas) we only have a couple things planned and other than those I am jsut chilling... VERY MUCH NEEDED :)