Saturday, February 15, 2014

BAM! It's back!

Yesterday was good. The sun came out and the weather cleared. It was gorgeous. I had solid protein...beef and turkey. I had some mushrooms and onions. Restriction was there but not so tight that I slimed on liquid...but I did have a closecall with the fewFrench fries but survived.

This morning, I'm tight again. Another storm system moved in today. I got stuck on my Unjury cafe mocha. WTF. Its warm protein. Nothing solid. Sigh.

Aunt Flow will be here Tuesday. She always tightens me up. But the weather is really doing a number on me.

Fingers crossed that I don't gain from slider foods. I know what the issue is if I gain.

I'm staying away from solid today. I have the black bean soup from the other week in the crock pot (from the freezer) for later. If that doesn't work I'll stick with chicken Unjury.

I also woke up severely congested with massive ear pain. Suphedrine is helping but it was hard to get down. The drainage wake me up with a huge coughing fit this morning.

Happy snowy crappy Saturday.

Update: I made instant mashed potatoes and McCormick brown gravy for dinner. OMG. So good. And I was able to eat them without any issues. The black bean soup made me slime and pb immediately. Funny why things like peanut butter crackers and cookies have no issues  when you have massive restriction but one bite of healthy soup is bad.
I seriously don't understand my band sometimes.

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