Thursday, February 20, 2014

My new favorite color

So, my new favorite color is.....GREEN!

I know that I mentioned it yesterday, but in two months, despite the chocolate and cookies and all the other junk I've been eating, I still had a loss of 7.8 lbs over two months.

My surgeon is happy with my averaging 1lb per week loss. I'm happy, because for the first time in almost 6 years, I'm UNDER the 350 mark. This was actually the first real weight loss 'goal' that I set for myself--to get out of the 350's and into the 340's.

I still plan to only weigh at the surgeons office.  I am afraid that if I start weighing at home, I'll become scale obsessed.  Besides, I can just show up any time during office hours and get on the scale--no appointment necessary--if I really really really want to know.

Today, I went to a (dessert) reception for someone leaving the company. There was a SPREAD of cookies (at least 4 kinds!), two cakes covered with that delicious sugary fat butter cream frosting and filled with mousse and covered with those huge technicolor icing flowers, red ripe strawberries with dark chocolate for dipping, a soda bar, brownies, and water.

I had two strawberries, a slice of cake (minus the cake--I just ate the frosting and filling), and two bottles of water.

I'm having some pain issues with my dental work, and it's kind of hard to eat anything that requires tons of chewing right now.

But I got two compliments about how good I look from people that I don't see very often, so that was nice.

So, I'm going to set myself a goal to register at least a 10lb loss by next surgeon appointment in April. That's totally doable. Secretly, I'm going to be shooting for 19lbs, but officially, the goal is 10.

I'm going to make the conscious effort to walk more now that the snow is *finally* melting, elliptical more on days that I can't walk, and eat less sugar. Those are simple goals, and easily obtainable.

So, here's to continued days of Green---green for spring, green for grass, and green for the happy band place I think that I am.


  1. great goals girl. you can totaly do it:)

  2. You sure can. We are here cheering you on!