Friday, February 21, 2014


It's overcast. It's rainy. It's blah. There's snow mist--you know, when you have tons of snow and it gets warm and then the snow melts but also evaporates and makes it look super foggy? Snow Mist.

A co-worker and I decided to go to Chili's for lunch. We had planned to do dessert and chips/salsa (I know, SO healthy). When we got there, she decided that nachos sounded good--and they did--but what Chili's considers nachos and what the rest of the world consider nachos are two entirely different things.

I consider an order of nachos to be a plate piled with chips, and then covered with things like cheese, beans, beef, jalapenos, sour cream, etc. Chilis considers a large order of nachos to be three taco size tortillas topped like little pizzas and cut into 4ths. So twelve little tortilla corners. For a LARGE order that costs almost $8! W.T.F.

To top it off, she didn't want to split dessert--she wanted her own--so we each ended up with a dessert (totally not the plan!). I had the molten peanut butter cake. It was okay, but not awesome. It was hard and chewy in places where it was overcooked. The peanutbutter didn't look very peanutbuttery.

The grand total for this little excursion? $27 for one appetizer, two sodas, and two desserts. I about to hit the floor! And the service SUCKED. I felt bad, but we only left a $3 tip on a $27 bill. Our waitress was non-existent. We will not be back for a while.

My teeth still hurt, even with the vicodin script my dentist called in. I think Aunt Flow is eating all the pain meds before they make it back up to my head. Bitch. So I'm feeling no pain in the ovary area--but my gums are throbbing.

Happy Friday.

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