Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Shout-Outs!

Okay, I love Jimmy Fallon. And one thing that I love and laugh at is Thank You notes on Friday. Let's be honest, it's really the ONLY night I stay up to watch Fallon--because I have a job that makes me get up early.

So, this week, I am doing Friday Shout-Outs! It's kind of like Thank You notes--without the whole copyright infringement thing.  And if I figure out how to use this whole Twitter thing--I might do them there, too!

1. Shout-out to my work friend who not only treated me to a Nachos Supreme for lunch yesterday, but also bought me 4 chocolate dipped macaroon cookies from Wegmans as a Friday morning surprise--because she knows that I've been under uber stress lately.
2. Shout-out to Hollee who not only scored a new awesome employment opportunity this week--but also reached her lowest adult weight! You Go girl!
3. Shout-out to CFlick who always leaves me nice comments on my posts, and is following me on Twitter!
4.  Shout-out to my NordicTrac Pathfinder elliptical, who even though you yell at me to go "FASTER", you can't really MAKE me go faster. So there. And thanks for waiting around and collecting dust for the past 5 years while I figured out that in order to get an ROI, I need to actually invest some time in using you!
5. Shout-out to The Bloggess who's blog updates make me laugh my ass off, and who makes me wish I was as acerbic/funny/weird as she is!
6. Shout-out to Jimmy Fallon for being awesomely funny (I don't CARE what the critics say--Taxi was one of the funniest movies EVER). Even though I can't stay up to watch the Tonight Show every night, I DO watch the segments on YouTube on my phone while I'm on the elliptical.
7.  Shout-out to the Polar Vortex, for making me realize just HOW much colder you feel when you lose 80lbs--and for showing me that now I can actually wear thermals under my jeans without fear of splitting them open!
8. Shout-out to Unjury for making awesome protien powder that, when mixed with coffee, makes a wicked good cafe mocha!
9.  Shout-out to thick knit boot socks--whom I have worn more this year than ever before. You keep my feet warm, and you look cute with jeans and Birkenstocks. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I just stepped out of the pages of an LLBean catalogue--circa 1994!
10.  Shout-out to the ELB, who has been amazing this week at being my biggest cheerleader as I delve back into the world of interviewing. I love you!

So, welcome to my innaugral Friday Shout-Outs! (patent pending). Feel free to join in and do your own--or if someone has already come up with this idea and I snarfed it--well, I'm sorry, and don't forget-imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


  1. Isnt Unjury great... PS I mix mine ( chocolate of cource ) with a little bit of PB2 ( peanut butter protein powder ) and omg it taste like a Reece's in cup ( well blender bottle)

  2. Love, love the Unjury Chocolate Splendor. I don't wanna go a day without it in my coffee. :)

  3. Love the shout outs. I still haven't tried unjury...I need to just get some!