Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy new week!

Sorry for the non-post yesterday--it was a cray-cray day. I was out of the office more than I was in it, thanks to some scheduling done by people higher than myself that had me off-site twice.

I read an article over the weekend in the newpaper about how people tend to lose more weight during the week than on weekends. I think that this ties back into my theory of M-F it's easier to stick with healthy eating, mainly because of the structure of a work day, as opossed to weekends where you tend to have free time and get off schedule. At least, this is true for me. It also said that people shouldn't freak out about seeing a small gain over the weekend, as long as their healthy eating habits were back in place on Monday.

Anyways, I've been rocking some mad (good) restriction since yesterday. I had my protien coffee for breakfast, and then didn't eat anything until 3:30pm. And even then I wasn't really 'hungry' but I knew it was time to eat. I had a chicken salad wrap, minus the wrap, and then dinner was a chicken breast. I tried to eat some grits, and I did--but I wished I hadn't. I love me some grits, but I just wasn't feeling them yesterday at all.

This morning, I'm sticking with coffee only, as I am supossed to go to Noodles with my coworker for lunch. However, as I have learned, I can't EAT noodles any more. I'm wary of going for this reason, but it's really more for the time to catch up than for the food. I'll order something and then just pick out the veggies and protien and hope she won't notice. Well, that's the plan, anyways. Fingers crossed I don't have any PB or sticking issues.

I made cheesy chicken enchilada soup over the weekend. The base was pretty much the broccoli cheddar soup recipe, but I swapped out broccoli for onions, green/red peppers, a can of diced chili's, and a can of drained shredded chicken breast. And I tossed in a can of Northern white beans for protien. It turned out pretty good.

Anyways, it's Tuesday. Hope you're having a good one!

Update: I did exactly what I said I would do at lunch. I ordered a meal (Japanese pan noodles with shrimp) and I used chopsticks to 'play' with my food. I hate some very small pieces of vegetables, and even with chew chew chewing I could feel the sliming start. I stoppped eating, just played with my food, and then packed it up to go. I have massive selfcontrol to not start spewing slime--I literally forced myself to swallow it back down and I PRAYED it would stay down. The impending weather has really tightened things up today, so I'm just lucky I got through that.

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  1. Glad your plan worked. Chinese food doesn't work well for me either - I usually just get soup. I'm glad you were able to keep from sliming! That is the worst feeling, to be at a restaurant and feel like you are going to lose it. :-(