Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday....with some Sun!

So, the weather has cleared out again for the day--just in time for another storm system to roll in tonight and hit us with more snow/sleet in the overnight hours--sure to make my commute tomorrow a HUGE PAIN.

Thanks, Mother Nature! I just LOVE not knowing from day to day what I will and won't be able to eat.

Guess what? Today, I'm tight again. Seriously, it's like I'm playing Jenga with sadistic little moles called Mother Nature (weather), and Mother Nature (period). I just can't win. Since I was able to eat solid protien last night, I had some chicken with cream of chicken 'gravy' and mashed potatos. Yummo!

Today, I struggled to get down protien coffee and runny Cream of Wheat. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon in which THREE teeth are being ground down and molded for crowns. Yeah, fun. So, I'm pretty sure that after that trauma, I will not be up to eating anything solid tonight, temp crowns or not. All three teeth are consecutive--results of my grinding grinding grinding at night.

In other news...well, I guess that's really it. Anticipated mouth trauma. Impending weather. Impending period.

My pants feel looser--but I didn't mean to schedule my surgeons appt during Aunt Flow week. I try to not, since I gain from bloating--and I don't think I get an accurate weight reading when I do. Oh well. Maybe I'll have a good loss and even with bloating it will still show on the scale.

My thoughts of getting an unfill are null and void. On days when the weather is good, my restriction is fine. It's only the past few days that it's been wreaking havoc on my life.

I will keep my restriction where I am, go get weighed, and then schedule my next appointment at two months out. I will be at 11 months post-op on next week. Countdown to the 1 year Bandiversary!

Happy Monday!  

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