Thursday, February 6, 2014

What is up with this restriction?!?!

My brain is telling me to eat. Alot. Like, I wanted to stress eat yesterday. My tummy goes, "back away from the cake, bitch". Yeah, me and Donny have that kind of love/hate relationship. She loves it when I follow the rules. It makes her happy. It makes me happy, too--but sometimes, my brain is like, "WTF, why can't you eat that?" And Donny is all like, "Not on MY watch!".

The constant shifting from high to low to high pressure systems is really wreaking havoc on my head and tummy. One day, I can eat a slice of cheese pizza (not the crusty end, though), and the next, one small bite and I'm sliming and PB'ing.

Yesterday, I had trouble eating soup at lunch--but was able to eat two hawiaan rolls for dinner with no trouble.

Yeah, I'm all over the place with that. Very frustrating.

Today, I'm feeling restricted. I knew it when I woke up. So, going to try to stick with as much soft and liquids as possible to take the strain off while we count down to the huge impending weather system slated to hit this weekend.

I know that my restriction really gets amped up during the week of my Aunt Flow. That seems to be pretty common. But does anyone, other than me, have restriction based on barometric pressure? I get barometric pressure migrains, usually in the summer, but I don't see alot of people talk about their bands getting tighter with impending weather changes.

In other news, I made vegetarian noodle-free lasagna for my girls lunch tomorrow. I was also requested to make bread pudding. I did both last night, since I'll be out late tonight. If the lasagna turns out as good as I hope it will, I'll post the recipe. :)

Happy Thursday.


  1. My band does whatever the hell she wants. It's warm out? Ok, lets tighten up. It's humid? Even tighter. Hot today- well I'll be finicky and let you eat today, Hollee. Yeah, that's how Allie rolls though. She's been awfully lazy lately though and not doing much of anything.

  2. Mine changes with weather systems too girl.. and btw the weather patterns this winter have SUCKED in general.. I mean either stay cold or warm up but this one day its 60 degrees the next we are geting hit with a POLOR VOTEX is crap... lol

  3. Hadn't really thought about the's stress for me that wreaks havoc!

  4. A big YES!! I even have the meal to meal difference you're talking about. Like yesterday I ate a pretty good sized lunch with no problem. At dinner though? I couldn't even eat half of a chicken taco. It's so weird. It's super cold here today and I'm tight like I cannot believe.

    "Back away from the cake, bitch!" I need to get that needlepointed on a pillow. :)