Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I'm beat like a dead horse today. I stayed up late to watch the Ice Dancing finals, then decided to stay up to watch Jimmy Fallon. When you get to bed after 1am, a 5:30 wake up call comes WAY too fast!

I had to run an errand at lunch, and ended up stopping at 7-11 for their make your own nachos. You know, the ones that come in the container that you put cheap liquid cheese and hot dog chili on? Yeah, those. Sigh. I feel like I have absolutely NO restriction today. But I didn't finish them! #smallNSV

I'm meeting a friend after work today to catch up. She is the one that was most instrumental in me choosing to go forward with getting surgery. Because of her, I started my OWN journey. Although she went with the RNY and has had massive success--she is gorgeous by the way--I'll always be thankful for her for inspiring me to do this, also. It will be nice to talk since I haven't seen her since she moved to NJ last July.

My mouth is still sore from dental work. Thanks to my totally gross and unhealthy lunch choice, I'll probably not eat anything at Panera tonight--maybe just stick with a cup of tea. But maybe a bowl of onion soup won't be too bad. Plus it would be protien. I'll see how I feel at 4:30.

Pensive about my appointment tomorrow at the surgeons. Will post when I get to work with updated numbers!

I'm having BABL (broke ass bitches lunch) with my work girls tomorrow. The one girl doesn't know it, but me and the other girl planned a little birthday party for her with pizza and cupcakes. I hope that I don't have any PB issues.

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