Thursday, September 26, 2013

A loss is a loss!

I was SLIGHTLY disappointed that when I got on the scale at the surgeons office that I wasn't down more than what I was. According to the scale in their office, I was only down 1.6.lbs from my last appointment in July.

I'll take it! That means that I lost the stress weight that I gained during August, but it also means that the discrepancy between my PCP and my surgeons scale isn't consistant. Although, in all fairness, at my PCP, I did weigh in the morning, I didn't eat breakfast, etc....and by the time I had been to the sugeons last night, I had eaten lunch, drank iced tea, and ate some yogurt. 

I did get a fill--0.5cc, so now I'm at 6cc total. I told him that I was still eating large portions too quickly, and that I am literally counting down the hours between meals. Well, 75% of the time I am--when I am not rocking restriction like I have been this week.

He didn't make me do the drinking test this time--he just checked my level (5.5cc), and told me that he was going to put in 0.5cc, asked me if I felt any pressure (which I didn't)...and then was done. Afterwards, I sat up and he had me drink some water and it didn't back up into my throat.

I should know by tomorrow if it's going to be too tight so that I can get in and have some taken out if needed. My friend who had hers a few weeks before me has 8.5 in her band--and has been at that level since her second fill. I can't imagine EVER having that much in it, but who knows that will happen in the future. I just want to see the scale continue to go DOWN.

I am SO CLOSE to the 350's that I can taste it. I know that 350 seems HUGE to most of you--especially those of you who started at my goal weight (of 250)--but for me, this would be a huge accomplishment. I haven't weighed under 350 since college--so I am really anxious to break this barrier. Every time I lose weight, I hit the 350s and plateau and then start to regain. I am BREAKING this cycle. I will get through the 350's, and I will not look back.

I am going to keep on doing my best to stay on plan, I am going to work on controlling my portions (hopefully with some help from Donny), and I hope that when I go back in 6 weeks for my next check in (on November 13) that I have blitzed the 350's and will be in the 340's. Wouldn't that be terrific?!?

Love you guys! Thanks for being so supportive. I love being a part of your journey--and I'm so glad that you are part of mine!


  1. I love your positive attitude :) I'm always so thankful for you and my other blogger friends in my life. It's funny because I talk about you guys to people who are in my real life from time to time, and I call you all "blogger friends" and people get kind of confused by that!

    1. i do the same thing with the ELB. I'll read something and laugh and he's like whats so funny, and i'm like, oh, just one of my bandfriends. :) being positive is hard but its better than being miserable.