Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The first step is the hardest

I am recommiting to eating right, starting today.

Today, I am determined to stay UNDER 1500 calories. I know that I can do this. The hardest part is telling myself "NO". I ran an errand at lunch, and on the way back, I was thinking, I am SO hungry--I should just run through the drive thru at (insert fast food place here). I can get something small that wouldn't put me over today. It will be okay.

Thankfully, the ELB was driving and took me right back to my office, no stops allowed. I love that man. I told him when I started this journey that there would be times that I need him to be my voice of reason. That he will have to be strong enough to tell me no. That as much as he would hate it, I would depend on him to help me stay on track. He knows that I want to be successful, and he knows that I have to make alot of sacrifices to reach that goal. But he's in it with me, and that's all that matters.

So, I'm back at work, and still hungry. I usually do awesome at work, but this morning was thrown off because I forgot my Silk for my protien iced coffee, so I didn't get that extra protien boost this morning that I normally would have. Instead, I had to settle for iced tea and a breakfast sandwich. Probably why I've been hungrier than usual today.

Here's to getting through the rest of the day without eating my own hand!


  1. hunger is half mental. overload on water, it will help!

  2. You should keep some protein bars at your desk! Or if you have a fridge put some protein shakes in it...I've learned that preparation is what keeps me from heading to that drive thru when i really don't want to have to cook myself or I'm just hungry.